MPLED USA LLC


MPLED USA LLC - company specializes in curtain wall and window wall systems.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

From design to installation, we oversee your project every step of the way, while offering a wide range of products to ensure perfection.

All our aluminum products are made not from recycled but pure aluminum, that fact ensures highest quality and endurance of each our fenestration product, double or triple glazing with laminated and tempered glass only. We want to stress the fact that every aluminum fenestration system of our own have a multiple thermal breaks which allow us to pass highest USA test rates which lead us to the high rise building be our perfect place to show all greatness of MPLED USA LLC.

Aluminium profiles made in our factory in Europe, shipped by fast tracks overseas to our Upstate New York assembling center, and delivered at the job site and ready for installation within just 20 days or even just 9 days if it’s necessary is a dynamic that we follow. Having a production team and factory of our own gives a full control over the tight manufacturing dead lines.

Our commitment to quality and efficiency is rule number one in our teams, both here and in Europe to provide greater value for each project.

Our very own engineering department will conduct all necessary field measuring and also will provide manufacturers shop drawings for review and approval prior to fabrication.

MPLED USA LLC is a leading company because of our work ethic with one goal to become partners with our all associates.




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